A lot can change in a decade

Wow. I was all set to bore you with an in-depth summary of the last ten years. I hit delete soon after I finished. You’re welcome! 

Instead, I am calmly making a vegan supper for New Year’s Eve. I remain a staunch omnivore, but my friend is vegan. I think this is a perfect way to sum up what’s changed in 10 years. Every year there are more and more great vegan products and recipes out there. It’s pretty damn easy to make or buy something deliciously vegan. 

This will be a simple supper, just a hearty, filling lentil soup – Yotam Ottolenghi’s curried lentil and coconut soup with a bit of bread. Later on we’ll be having big slices of chocolate banana snack cake along with some Northern Bloc vegan chocolate & orange blossom ice cream – they were sold out of their equally exquisite Madagascan bourbon vanilla. 

At midnight we’ll pop the cork on a bottle of organic sparkling rosé from Aldi, that – you guessed it – just happens to be suitable for vegetarians and vegans. 

No fuss, no trips to a specialty shop required, and they are recipes that I already make quite often.

Happy New Year and I hope the 20s are your best decade yet!