Christmas Abundance

Slow news day – I haven’t been posting any recipes lately because I’ve been nibbling at parties, getting takeout after long shopping stints, and generally eating on the run.

I got my Christmas gift shopping done ahead of schedule, but that just means I feel like all I’ve done lately is stand in line at grocery stores and the LCBO. Schlepping bags of groceries home is the worst part, so I felt a real sense of accomplishment today when I looked in my fridge and freezer. I’m not done yet – there will be poultry and other perishables joining in later this week, plus a trifle will be taking up some serious real estate on Christmas Eve, but for now it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas in my fridge.

In the freezer we’ve got sausage rolls…saving those for a Christmas Eve pig-out, cranberries – I’m going to make Nigella’s cranberry sauce from How to Eat, lots of freshly made ice, frozen raspberries for my upcoming trifle, frozen discs of pancetta (a freezer staple for me), and some frozen bolognese sauce for the next time we feel like pasta.

In the fridge the dairy group is very well represented – milk, whipping cream, butter, cheese, egg nog…and some 72% chocolate for a ‘death by chocolate’ dessert, lots of citrus – I use lemons all the time, couldn’t cook without them. What else? A bottle of champagne (but of course!), some beers – Jeff is doing ‘research’ right now, and Steam Whistle gives him less of a hangover than other beers. Who knew? Luckily I’ve got some broccoli in the fridge – my body was screaming for greens after all the rich party food and cookies I’ve eaten lately.