I had the pleasure of working with Heather for several months in 2019/2020. She joined our content team at a time when we were under resourced and struggling to juggle a number of conflicting priorities. Heather stepped into the role and immediately began to make a difference. She got to grips with our in-house content management system with minimal training, and created/updated digital content for us which adhered to our brand and house style.

Heather is friendly and conscientious, able to interpret guidelines and act on her own initiative when required. She has a natural leaning towards copywriting and editing, but is also a ‘people person’, skilled at building and maintaining valuable relationships with colleagues. I wish her all the best for the future.

– Natalie W

I worked with Heather in my capacity as Lead Content Editor. Heather was punctual, dedicated and a pleasure to work with.

The project she worked on was for a large client, with a specific narrative style and strict content quotas across multiple countries; Heather adapted to the complexity of the project, and ensured the content was consistently inline with the client’s expectations.

She displayed a high level of aptitude throughout the editing process, in both working with the content itself and providing helpful, constructive feedback to our writers. More so, Heather went above and beyond her role as editor. From content ideation to publication, she assisted the team throughout the whole content lifecycle.

I am happy to recommend Heather.

– Alice G

I worked with Heather frequently and I was always extremely happy with the quality and timeliness of her work.

Heather was one of my first choices of proofreader to engage for projects for as I knew I could rely on her to submit high-quality copy when adhering to a range of different editorial style guides, client requirements, and English dialects — she is certainly a very versatile editor! I could always be sure of the fact that she would meet deadlines without compromising on quality, even in situations where I asked her to work on something at the last minute.

There were some clients for which I would engage Heather exclusively because she had demonstrated that she was the best person in the proofreading team to work on these content projects.

One of my main responsibilities when working for [company redacted] was ensuring the quality and accuracy of the content on the UK/US platforms; for this reason, I was always very glad to work with Heather, as I knew her dedication to submitting only high-quality, professional-standard editing work would make my job easier.

– Robyn S

I have worked with Heather for a number of years, most notably on a multi-year publishing project produced in Canadian English as well as American English.

In working with Heather I found that she was accurate and authoritative in her editing. Because the site addressed matters of international trade and finance, it needed a keen eye for editorial detail and consistency. Heather amply demonstrated these qualities. She also understood well the subtle differences between various national versions of the English language. I make no hesitation in recommending her to anyone.

– Jared M

Heather Hewer is a tremendously skilled copy editor and proofreader, who provides an invaluable service. Her suggestions are thoughtful, her corrections efficient, and her efforts accommodating.  She’s a true professional that has added immense value to my writing. I cannot recommend Heather highly enough! I look forward to working with her again.

– Robyn K



Seriously, just wow

– Terry F

Heather fit into the newsroom from Day 1. Of all the above, I think Heather fell into her internship with the most ease and understood the demands and duties with little trouble. You could tell she just liked being here and that enthusiasm spilled over into the copy editing and page checking and even the writing she did for us (one food piece ran midway through her time here, another – a fashion piece – is on hold for a rainy day). Heather didn’t miss a beat and was as keen-eyed and efficient as you could hope an intern would be.

– Ted R