Let’s begin at the beginning…

Actually, let’s not. No need to describe the teeth clenching amount of annoyance I experienced from two (not one, two!) crying babies adjacent to me on the flight over (why me? why?), the painfully long lineup at Gatwick Customs, or the dizzying array of public transport required to get to Jeff’s uncle’s house. Although it did sound as though Pierce Brosnan had recorded the train announcements…such a smooth, silky voice. And I grudgingly suppose I do owe a debt of gratitude to the crying babies who kept me awake all night, as I was so effing tired the following night I collapsed at the appropriate bedtime and thus had little to no jet-lag.

Instead, let’s fast forward to the following day (Sunday, April 2nd), when, after a good night’s sleep and a delicious breakfast, we took the Tube (this time sans luggage) to Leicester Square. The Piccadilly Line is one of the newest and deepest Tube lines, and the length and angle of the escalators were almost dizzying.


This was my first view upon exiting the Tube Station:

Where Toronto is almost all right angles, London’s streets are curvy and sexy, even more so when you see a double decker bus or a black cab taking the curves at top speed.

We then walked down Charing Cross Road to Trafalgar Square. Nelson’s Column (the one with the lions) is presently under scaffold.

After that we walked to Big Ben,

and then back up to check out Piccadilly Circus.

See how in the right hand bottom of the last photo “LOOK LEFT” has been painted on the pavement? Freakin’ lifesaver.