Back from the lands of good food

That was a great holiday. Nothing like waking up every morning and thinking “what am I going to eat today?” which roughly translates to “what is someone else going to cook for me today?”

We were a little too shy to take photographs in most of the establishments we ate in, so I don’t have many to post.

In London we mainly ate a lot of good, solid pub fare – with pints of beer alongside – some great fish and chips, steak and mushroom pies, and club sandwiches with chips, after museums, galleries and long walks. I love tea, and the Brits know how to brew a good cuppa, which was wonderful for me – in Canada I normally I have to make do with much mediocrity in that regard. One night we went out for some of the best Indian food I’ve ever had in my life. It’s true what they say – London has the best Indian food outside of India.

While in Paris, we did our best to hit some famous brasseries and bistros to experience the City of Light to the fullest. We ate crepes (made from a street vendor), tartines, steak and frites, chocolate croissants…all this might not sound healthy, but at almost every meal a large salad or serving of vegetables played just as important a part as the meat did. It was incredibly easy to eat balanced meals.

Having said that, a good day for me is a day with lots of chocolate in it.
This was a typical end of meal experience for me – big grin due to emptied wine glass (or some cases, an emptied carafe).
While Jeff eschewed chocolate in favour of his favourite dessert.