Le Marais

After seeing Saint Chapelle, we walked back to the Right Bank, into an arrondissement known as Le Marais. As we walked along I could faintly hear an accordian playing and I remember wondering whether he would play La Vie en Rose for me if I asked. As we approached, I realized he was already playing it! We tossed a couple euros in his hat – shrewd guy – of course a touriste like me would want to hear that song!

A rusty bike. If you get the chance, read Merde Actually, by Stephen Clarke (his sequel to A Year in the Merde) as there is a long discussion about the French and their fondness for rusty bikes.
Just some fabulous shots of this very old part of Paris…

We found this great garden just off the street – it was very peaceful, sunny and warm in this courtyard.
After I sat down I noticed someone had spelled Bonjour with pea gravel.

After a long lunch at Le Petit Bofinger, we walked slowly to Place de la Bastille,

and followed the canal back down the the river, where we hopped on a boat cruise to continue our sightseeing while giving our feet a rest.