Last Day in Paris

On Friday morning (April 7th) we woke up for our last day in Paris. (*sniff*)

We first walked back up to Montmartre – it was not a very far walk from our neighborhood.

Sacre Coeur in the morning. Another incredible blue sky.

One of the oldest Metro station entrances – it’s very rare to find one with the original Art Deco sign and glass roof.

Jeff said this stairway reminded him of The Exorcist!

Someone had strung metallic balls across this narrow street.

After a long walk around Montmartre, we headed downhill to spend our last few hours in the arrondissement we stayed in, but hadn’t actually explored much.

Les Galeries Lafayette was quite close to our hotel – the 9th is not known for having many touristy destinations, but has lots of fantastic shopping. This is not just any store – it’s a landmark.

This dome is incredible. This is a store. Not a cathedral, not an opera house…a STORE. Eat your heart out, Holt Renfrew!

Outside Galeries Lafayette was this neat old man with his odd set-up.

When I got the camera out, he very nicely rearranged the dog’s ear so that the cat was more visible.
So cute.

After a bit of shopping, we sat at Cafe de la Paix for a couple of hours, just watching the world go by. We were near our hotel, not too far from the train station, and getting close to the end of our time in Paris.

Gare du Nord

Jeff took a shot of this saucy poster after we went through Customs – it seemed to sum up Paris for us quite well.