Four Month Anniversary at our House

Back in February, one of the first things our real estate agent asked us to do was close our eyes, picture ourselves settled in our dream home and tell him what we saw. Practical as ever, and aware of the fact that house hunting could take months, I looked ahead to Christmas. Yes, I most definitely wanted to celebrate Christmas in my own home.
Now I’m sitting in my living room, contemplating Christmas dinner. We’ve made plans to get a real Christmas tree in a couple of weeks. I might even brine a turkey, thanks to Nigella Lawson’s Feast. A close friend is lending us his piano for the forseeable future. Depending on its arrival, I might even have time to re-learn and pound out some Christmas carols – something I haven’t done for close to twenty years. We have a new dining table, one that comfortably seats six, eight if we put in the leaf. All in all, it promises to be a very christmassy Christmas, especially with family coming from far away.