Post-Holiday Letdown

Here’s Jasmine doing an excellent imitation of how we were feeling this past Sunday as we contemplated our return to “normal” life.

Yesterday I wandered around work in a haze wondering where my sofa, turkey sandwich and book had hidden themselves.

We had a great holiday – lots of quiet time at home with just enough social outings to keep things interesting.  I cooked up a storm for Christmas dinner, the brined turkey was a big success (oh, the gravy!) and ended up with lots and lots of leftovers for sandwiches.

I was also very pleased with how this recipe for mashed sweet potatoes flavoured with pomegranate molasses turned out. I un-veganized it (not that there’s anything wrong with vegan food!) by replacing the soy milk and margarine with milk and butter.

Now winter is settling in rather earnestly (lots of snow in the forecast), and I’m looking forward to warding off the chill with food and drink.