loaf of bread

Taking my joy from… 11

Hello everyone. It’s almost the end of July. It’s a beautiful day, and if I squint the right way, parts of my life are almost back to normal.

I hope you’re all doing ok – there’s still a potent mix of anxiety, uncertainty and caution added to everything I do when I venture out. But it is getting easier every time. Staying home is where I’m still most comfortable though. And that’s perfectly fine with me. 

  • I’m going to start this list with the thing that is giving me the most joy – I can’t even really explain why, but when I watch these videos I just feel super happy and get the biggest grin on my face. The Hood Internet have created three-minute videos for each year from 1979 to 1989. Take a half-hour break and watch them all. It’s criminal that these don’t have more views – I can’t even imagine how much work went into them. 

  • Continuing the 80s theme, I found this two-part documentary while rooting around in the BBC iPlayer archives – it’s pretty great. Live Aid – 1. Against All Odds and Live Aid – 2. Rockin’ All Over The World. Do you remember where you were that day? 
  • I finally got around to making no-knead bread during lockdown – something I would never have bothered with when I was on the go most of the time. The timing that works best for me is making the dough at around 5 pm and then returning to it the following morning at about 10 or 11 am. 
  • I wouldn’t say Mrs. America is filling me with joy, and I have only been able to watch the episodes one at a time because I get so forking angry, but it’s really well done. Cate Blanchett is especially mesmerising. I like the title sequence too.  

  • I’ve now listened to almost every episode of the podcast The Anthropocene Reviewed. John Green’s writing and delivery make me feel all the feels. I think he’s doing it on purpose. I give The Anthropocene Reviewed five stars. 
  • Finally, I’d like to thank the churchyard around the corner for providing me with a quiet, open space to walk to, sit in and see some spectacular sunsets, especially during the early days of lockdown, when all we were allowed to do was go to the grocery store or have one hour out of doors. England was blessed with amazing spring weather during those first anxious days and the beautiful spring blossoms on the trees wavered in the fitful breezes and helped give me a little bit of peace.