Proofreading and Copyediting Services

Clean, consistent and error-free content is one of the quickest and easiest ways to present yourself or your business effectively and stand out from the crowd. It can be difficult to catch your own errors, especially if you’ve reviewed your work many times. explains why it’s so hard to catch your own typos.

Proofreading includes ensuring consistency in all mechanical matters — spelling, capitalization, punctuation, hyphenation, use of abbreviations and acronyms, use of italics and bold type, treatment of special elements (headings, lists, tables, charts and graphs) and the format of footnotes or endnotes and other documentation. It also includes checking correlating parts, for example, a table of contents page against chapters; a list of recipe ingredients against a recipe’s headnote or instructions; ensuring the caption for an illustration or photo corresponds with the correct illustration or photo.

Copyediting includes the above list of proofreading elements, plus querying confusing, ambiguous or inappropriate language, calling attention to inconsistencies or discrepancies in the content, or structural and organizational problems. The scope of these efforts (whether the language is merely pointed out, revisions are suggested or the content rewritten) will depend on whether light, medium or heavy copyediting is requested.

I can work with British, American and Canadian English using style guides such as the New Oxford Style Manual, The Chicago Manual of Style or The Canadian Press Stylebook, respectively.

What to expect
Whether you choose proofreading or copyediting, you will receive two copies of your Microsoft Word document: an updated version of your document (tracked changes accepted), along with an annotated version containing all tracked changes and comments so that you can decline or accept each edit. That way we can both ensure that your narrative voice and style are preserved.

Proofreading – £0.010/word
Light copyediting – £0.012/word
Medium copyediting – £0.014/word
Heavy copyediting  – £0.015/word

For example, a 50,000 word document would cost £500 for proofreading, and £750 for heavy copyediting, with a £20 minimum per project. Please contact me and we can discuss your project’s requirements. I will then send you a simple contract for both of us to sign before beginning work.

What I cannot do
I am not a substantive editor nor am I in a position to essentially rewrite content. I do not critique novels or screenplays and I am not a ghostwriter.