Our Final Day

Our final day arrived (April 13th), and like all the previous days, we filled it with lots of things to see.

View of Tower Bridge from Millenium Bridge

The Millenium Bridge
The Tate Modern

This was the only part of the Tate Modern that allowed us to take photos.

A stunning replica of the Globe Theatre

A bit of shopping for souvenirs – some tea from Fortnum & Mason, of course!

Jeff doing his best imitation of a dour Coronation Street character. We were both very sad that this was our last London pub.

Soon it was time to take the Tube back to the house and sit on each other’s suitcase in vain efforts to make them close. Isn’t that always the way of it?

Flying home from London was boring and tedious, except for some excitement when a rocket scientist bound for Toronto, disembarked by accident in Montreal, causing us an extra hour’s delay. This time I wasn’t surrounded by babies – I could faintly hear them crying further in the back.

The best part of our flight was being met by Steve and Tanya at the airport. We were so tired and wobbly. We somehow got to their car, where, no joke, the radio started playing “Home for a Rest” as soon as Steve started the ignition.

All that’s left of our trip are these souvenirs, and a burning desire to apply for work permits in the UK and get back over there.

The End.