Damson Plum Clafoutis

damson plums

It’s a beautiful September day today, with golden light and an air of richness and plenty. I decided to have a go at our long-neglected, weed-filled backyard this morning, which we barely sat in all summer.  We must not have noticed our damson plum tree blossoming in the spring, but today on the branches hung just enough ripe plums to fill a small colander. This is only the second time it has produced fruit since we moved here three years ago, and the first time we managed to harvest the plums ahead of the squirrels.

In a further nod to kismet, I just happen to have all the ingredients in the house to make a clafoutis. It’s in the oven right now, and the lemon/vanilla/cinnamon scent is starting to waft through the house.  Between tending to the garden and doing some spur-of-the-moment baking, I feel like quite the domestic goddess!

damson plum clafoutis

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