Where I’ve been eating

We recently had cause to remember this scene from Community and have a good laugh at ourselves once we got over the sticker shock only “Market Price” menu items can deliver. No, we didn’t run!

We celebrated my birthday at Momofuku Daisho, and it was as awesome as it was the first time we went in 2012. They have since taken their super popular Fried Chicken Dinner off the menu, presumably so that people will order their other dishes. I, as Birthday Girl, ordered the dry aged beef ribeye for the table, with that little M/P beside it in the menu instead of a numeric price. I think we all privately figured, “how expensive could it be?” The beef was spectacular. So was the look on the husband’s face when the bill came – a mix of polite horror and quick mental math, with eyebrows briefly soaring.

For us it was a little lesson in pausing and remembering to ask questions. I doubt our server would have minded had we asked for the approximate price of the beef when we ordered, and upon learning the price, asked for a little time to discuss and maybe choose something a little less expensive.

Having said that, our other gastronomic outings have been a little bit more affordable these days:

Fancy Franks Gourmet Hot Dogs – get the Frankie Goes to Buffalo – my fave.

Cloves the Spice  – we’re thrilled to have a great, affordable Indian restaurant nearby.

The Kathie Roll Express – hmm, a bit of an Indian theme lately! TKRE is licensed, so you can get a big glass of wine or a beer with your roll.

Kathie Roll LLBO

W Burger Bar (Caledonia location) is in an industrial area near our house. It’s probably there to cater to the nearby Canada Goose headquarters – a nice step up from the fast food on offer inside the area’s home improvement stores.

Boo Radley’s Junction Bar and Grill – great spot to relax and have some good solid pub food and a few pints.

The Oxley – I’ve only been to this pub once, and I’m already in love. Pushes all of my Anglophile buttons.

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