Two Quiet Armchair Travel Films

Let me be clear – these are quiet films. Not chick flicks, not rom-coms; no explosions, zombies or decapitations. No Byzantine plots with multiple storylines. No A-list celebrities sculpted and styled to perfection.

These two simple films will draw you in and are less like watching a movie and more like that feeling when you reach the part of your holiday when time has slowed down, you’ve finally shucked off your workday cares and sitting at an outdoor cafe in the sun watching the passing parade is your only reason for being.

Both films remind me of Lost in Translation, but nobody needs to tell you to watch that. Both films are easy to file into the back of your mind and never actually get around to watching. I know, because I heard about them every so often and I never bothered to watch them either. Until I did.

The Lunchbox

Do yourself a favour and plan to watch this film when you have already picked up a takeaway Indian curry. Do not do what I did and watch this film while eating butternut squash ravioli with arrabbiata sauce. The dissonance was almost painful. This film will make you want to buy a tiffin box for your lunch and maybe branch out from your usual butter chicken or tikka masala next time you’re in the mood for Indian food.

Set in Mumbai. If you’re short on time, don’t miss the sequence near the beginning of the film which depicts the delivery system of home-cooked lunches in tiffin tins to Mumbai’s workforce. Absolutely amazing!

Cairo Time

One of my favourite books, Moon Tigeris partially set in Cairo. It’s a book that always lingers in my mind long after I’ve finished it. It’s probably what prompted me to watch Cairo Time – simply to sneak a few glimpses of the city, but I soon became engrossed in the characters and story. It’s a fascinating depiction of a city I’ve been curious about since childhood. Come for the cityscapes, stay for the stunning shots of the pyramids.

The next time you’re looking for something a bit different to watch on a bleak winter night, give one of these films a try!

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