Sometimes, cupcakes are the answer

No, wait. Cupcakes are ALWAYS the answer.

Especially when you get back to your desk after a few hours away from your phone and there’s a text from your husband that says, “Don’t worry, I was home for your cupcake delivery”.

Cupcake delivery? Huh? It wasn’t my birthday, nor any other sort of milestone. Cupcakes? Who? Why? Wha??


Why? To celebrate 10 years of me being their customer.

Wha?? Because they’re just awesome, that’s why.

So, I’m not a shill unless I have a really great reason to tell people about a product. For example, right now my inbox has a few offers for ‘incentivised reviews’ that I am studiously ignoring.


But…it’s different. Their cards do it for me. Every time I hand one to somebody, I get the same reaction as they feel the heavy paper: “Ooooooooooh! Where did you get these cards?”

I tell them where, because I am super happy with how my cards turned out both times. And especially ten years ago, it was one of the few places that I could affordably create my own cards (online, no less) without a background in graphic design and being forced into a minimum order of 1000 through a corporate printing company.

This cupcake move is pretty brilliant – I was so excited about hearing that I had cupcakes waiting at home for me that I told everyone in my office what happened and who sent them. The next day I brought all nine cupcakes to work, and told even more co-workers about because the cupcakes were so pretty and so delicious that most people guessed that it was my birthday or I had just gotten engaged or pregnant or something.

And now I’m telling you.

It’s rare to feel cherished as a customer these days.

PS: A little shout-out to The Little Cupcake Company – super delicious and everyone remarked on how wonderfully homemade they tasted. They had been packed very carefully for delivery so they arrived in perfect condition.

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