Taking my joy from… 8

It’s Saturday! Make that Caturday!

I’m supposed to be gathering up my information for my UK tax return. Instead, I’m writing a blog post.

How was everyone’s first proper week back in normal? I had a great break, but normal feels nice too. All that holiday pressure has vanished. Leeds swiftly put its Christmas decorations away so it’s like the holiday never happened.

Roll on winter. It’s time to read those books people gave you as gifts, pour a glass of something nice, grab your favourite blanket, optional cuddly pet, and stay home.

To that end, everything bringing me joy right now has a cosy, hibernating quality. There are no trips on the horizon, and for once I’m ok with that.

  • I don’t often come across a novel that I completely fall in love with, but when I do I simultaneously want to share it with everyone I know, while not wanting it to ever leave my shelf of treasured books. Happily, I can tell you to buy it yourself or suggest borrowing it from your local library. The Immortalists by Chloe Benjamin is so very, very good. It almost doesn’t matter what it’s about – the writing is that beautiful. If you are having trouble understanding how to ‘show, don’t tell’ in your own writing, read this book.
  • Outlander has had some uneven episodes/seasons, but the last few episodes have been knocking it out of the park and remind me why I love this show.
  • A co-worker suggested the game Bananagrams as it’s nice and compact for travelling. Although we bought it as a Christmas gift, we’re totally going to buy it again for ourselves. It’s an anagram game, so this word nerd was all over it. Plus the tiles have a lovely feel – I couldn’t stop touching them.
  • Finally, I am so freakin’ glad that Catastrophe is back, but so sad that it’s the final season.

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