I’m off t’werk, love.

Happy New Year!

2016 has arrived and so has my national insurance number. While England cleared away all signs that Christmas ever existed and returned to work, I registered with an employment agency. By the next day they had a temporary assignment for me, which means I’m back in pencil skirts and earning some pounds.

I absolutely adore where I am working and I’m sad that it’s only for a few weeks – it’s a great team of people who work hard, have each other’s backs and manage to power through a prodigious amount of work while simultaneously keeping up hilarious banter All. Day. Long.

Some observations (at this workplace, anyway):

  • True open concept – not cubicles, just a room with multiple desks – is surprisingly better than Dilbert cubicles for collaborating and keeping up with what’s going on. No more having to try and hear over cube walls and getting up and walking over to your neighbour’s cubicle, you already know what’s going on because you were there when it happened. I was thunderstruck when I realised I preferred it.
  • Tea is everything. The kettle is always on and people are very careful to not steal each other’s freshly boiled kettle, and you don’t put the kettle on without making sure you’ve asked everyone in earshot if they’d like a cup too. Sometimes a co-worker will even make my tea for me, even adding the milk and sugar. Even though my desk is about 3 feet away from the kitchenette. “It’s no trouble, love”.
  • People respect each other’s lunch time, even if they are eating at their desks. It’s sacrosanct and only the biggest emergency will force someone to ask a question of someone who is halfway through their sandwich.
  • The UK keyboard is different from the North American one – the @ symbol is over near the return key and a few other keys are in different spots too. Don’t try a typing test at an employment agency without practicing at the local library first.
  • Bar none, working has been the best way to really absorb Yorkshire culture and all the little things that you learn from locals – where the great restaurants are, which stores are having good sales right now, suggestions for day trips, the best place to do/get anything. Everyone is fascinated by our big adventure and eager to make sure we make the most of our time here. And supremely proud of The NORTH, as they jolly well should be.

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